“I use the Chronicle app from Powerhouse Education to collect, generate, and organize my students' reading data so that I can conference and plan my small groups. Chronicle is a gradebook and an anecdotal record-keeping tool, but the way it really stands out is that it allows you to record audio and images of students' work that can be added to their gradebooks and anecdotal records. This is a superpowerful element for parent conferences, student study-team meetings, and individualized education plans. It brings clarity and transparency to communicating student progress.”
- Amy Bennett-Rosado, second-grade teacher, La Verne Science and Technology Charter School, Pomona, CA

“I just want to thank you again for designing such an intuitive, flexible product. I used this all last year as my primary conferring notebook. When I opened up the App Store last night and saw there was an update, I literally jumped up and down. I spent the next hour watching your tutorials (my husband kept saying, "What are you watching??? What is that music?") and think you made some very nice tweaks to your app. Combining the notes and gradebook is the best new feature! I'm excited to get started with my new group of students. Thank you for dedicating your summer to refining this ESSENTIAL part of my teaching/communication toolkit.”
- Chronicle user from Oregon

“I have been using the Chronicle app for the past 5 months. For years, I had been hoping to find a way to document my students' learning "on the fly" without having to take handwritten notes. After playing around with different productivity apps and wishing that there was something specifically designed for educators, I found a competing app that didn't quite fit my needs. Although the other app allowed me to take notes, it didn't take advantage of the multimedia functionality of the iPad. This need was addressed by Chronicle. Since September, I have been documenting my students' progress via photo snapshots, video, audio, and text notes. Not only has it been easy, but I have to admit that it has been fun. Likewise, it has been fun for the students. Whenever the iPad is in my hand, they take their discussions and classwork to the next level. They enjoy having their work captured by the app and feel a sense of pride when I compliment their efforts and take a moment to archive the fruits of their labor. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to create a dynamic portfolio of their students' work and document their achievement across the school year.”
- John Otterstedt
2013 MENSA Distinguished Teacher Award recipient

“When I first read about Chronicle, I knew immediately that I wanted to check it out. I have used tools like Evernote, Confer, and Three Ring to track my reading conferences and anecdotal assessments, but there have always been missing features. Chronicle has it all!”
- Kate Peila from Purely Paperless

“Whenever I see apps that cost in the double digits, I become apprehensive of them, but this one is worth every penny. It truly helps a teacher with data in all the areas of daily and weekly tracking.
- Heather S. from Smart Apps for Special Needs

“I absolutely LOVE this app!  I teach Kindergarten with 25 students (no aide), so my time is very valuable when it comes to documentation, especially.  The ability to capture actual pictures/video is amazing.  With permission from my principal, I've began using your product and hopefully I will get everyone here to jump on board with me :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
- Tara Ponzi


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