Powerhouse Education was founded by husband and wife teachers, Andy and Ellen Raupp. They are board certified teachers working in a nationally top-ranked school district in New Jersey where both have been awarded Teacher of the Year honors. Andy holds a master's degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy, while Ellen holds one in Elementary Mathematics.

Working in a district that had partnered for years with Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, Reading and Writing Workshop became the model for literacy instruction. With the adoption of this model, conferring notes became a district expectation - and a district challenge - as teachers toiled to effectively implement this teaching best practice.

In the process of developing a solution, a vision began to form beyond just helping teachers confer. Could a tool be created that breaks through the barriers impeding teachers from more easily adopting and applying teaching best practices? If implementation of research-proven best practices like formative assessment, effective feedback, flexible grouping, and others were made easier, advanced learning outcomes would be the result, right ?

The answers to these questions became the catalyst for Chronicle, and the vision for Powerhouse Education. It is Powerhouse Education's belief that when teachers devote themselves to educational best practices - and are given tools to effectively and more easily implement them - they are empowered to build stronger, more successful students.

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